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T-Shirt Design Contest

Submit a design for the official 2024 Dewey/Roche Family Reunion t-shirt!

Rules: T-shirt design submissions are open to ALL AGES. Designs may be created digitally OR scanned in a high-resolution format. Submitted files must be less than 15MB. Designs should be black and white only (or transferable to black and white). T-shirt design submissions are due no later than May 1, 2024. One submission per person, please. After the 5/1 deadline, all submissions will be compiled and a survey will be sent out for all attendees to vote on! The t-shirt will be distributed and shared on the first day of the reunion! (Be sure to RSVP with your t-shirt size.)

Submission Requirements: The t-shirt submission must include "Dewey Roche Reunion 2024" and "Fontana Village Resort and Marina" somewhere in the design.

Reunion Siblings.jpeg
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Thanks for submitting!

Ain't no party like a Dewey/Roche party.

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