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A breakdown of room types and costs is listed below. The map is clickable and shows which cabins on property are occupied by the Dewey/Roche Family Reunion so you can plan accordingly.

Screen Shot 2023-06-18 at 8.41.22 PM.png


1. Call 1-800-849-2258 indicating reservation for Dewey/Roche Family Reunion Thursday July 18 - Sunday 21, 2024. (If you book online, you will not get the group rates.)

2. Ask for rooms or cabins that we have reserved.​ Please see updated map above for occupied rooms.

3. You will be asked to leave a deposit equal to the first night's rental and email address to receive receipt.


Our family room block is valid for 60 days, starting on May 22nd, 2023, and ending on July 21, 2023. The planning committee has blocked a specific number of cabins and cabin types within close proximity to each other and to the activity hubs. Please make your reservation before July 21, 2023. Reservations made after the cutoff date are not guaranteed. IF YOU AREN'T SURE WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL MAKE IT YET, WE SUGGEST BOOKING YOUR ROOM ANYWAY. Reservations may be cancelled up to 90 days before the event for no penalty fees.



Standard lodge rooms feature one king or two queen beds with TV and balcony or patio seating.

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Poolside Cabana Room

Want a little fun in the sun? The poolside cabanas offer either one king or two queen beds and a patio space overlooking the pool.      

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